Xclips now shipping with rotating adapter for a quick and easy orientation change. New improved Xclip2 no longer blocks the camera.

Designed with musicians in mind.

Designed in conjunction with the Ministry Centered Technologies & Planning Center Creators. The Xclip turns your iPad into a multifunctional media stand. Whether you're making a presentation, reading sheet music or controlling the effects on your guitar, the Xclip is the perfect accessory to ensure your iPad stays safely attached and in view.

xclip photo 1
Xclip angles

Simple setup and easy to use.

The Xclip™ screws onto any microphone stand while the iPad™ snaps in and out for easy setup and teardown. A slot at the bottom allows room for the dock connection to power or foot pedal accessory.

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Any Angle. Any Purpose. Any Accessory.

Xclip mounts to any mic stand accessory. Mount it at the top of
a mic stand; attach to the side of a stand with the side mount accessory; use it with a side mount and gooseneck to put your iPad where you want it.

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xclip photo 4


Snug fit and “tabbed” corners.

iPad™ slides into the bottom of the Xclip™ with the top corners snapping firmly into place. The “tabbed” corners of the Xclip™ allow directly applied pressure to release iPad™.


corner tab

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